Let’s Talk Warframe: Does Ash Need Another Blade Storm Rework?

A post from yesterday on the Warframe forums has sparked up a bit of a debate among the third-person sci-fi shooter’s community. To bring any newbie up to speed,...
Warframe Ash Koga Skin

A post from yesterday on the Warframe forums has sparked up a bit of a debate among the third-person sci-fi shooter’s community. To bring any newbie up to speed, Digital Extremes’s Warframe is in a constant state of Beta and the community is very involved with the process of updating the game, which is why the post titled “Rework the Rework(ASH)” got so popular.

The OP, LordZonEscquire, claims that the frame Ash is simply no good after he was reworked back in November of last year. LordZonEscquire brought some ideas to the table, but one was particularly of interest to the rest of the community. He proposed that Ash’s fourth ability, Blade Storm, should revert back to its original state but with a few minor changes. Back in November when Ash was reworked, there were changes to three out of four of his abilities. By far the most controversial change that came out was Blade Storm.

Warframe Ash Render

Back in the day, Blade Storm was a “press 4 and win” ability where the Warframe would go on a murdering spree, flipping around the map to different enemies to deliver killing blows. The player could simple sit back and watch the kills rack up, hands free. Now, players must specifically target the enemies they wish to attack, each one costing a certain amount of Energy depending on the mods on your build. Some players hate the new change while others say it prevents “random bladestorm spam” like one of the comments on the forum post. There must be some kind of middle ground though, right?

What do you think? Is the Ash rework fine the way it is or should he be reverted back to the way he was? Maybe you side more with commenter Kyronz, who just wants to see Ash receive an entirely new fourth ability instead. Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Minifig3D
    16 May 2017 at 8:51 pm
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    Personally, I do feel that the current version of Blade Storm is a bit annoying to use. Warframe has been moving towards making frames abilities synergize with eachother, so it would be nice to see that in the next Ash rework. Should the ability be changed all together? Maybe. Before they revealed how the rework was going to work, I thought it would let you teleport to one enemy, then mark another allowing you to keep a chain going one by one… But you can already do that with Ash’s 3rd ability, teleport and the augment for it that makes you instantly perform a finisher on the teleport target… Maybe a completely different ability would not be a bad idea. The main issue I see with the way his ultimate works currently is that his kit is massively missing in the aoe department. Before you could use shuriken and teleport to remove high-priority targets, then bladestorm to finish everybody in the room. Now you have to mark every single enemy before hitting the go button, and with how fast paced this game is, you may very well be dead before you ever get to that point. Digital Extremes said the bladestorm change was to make it “more interactive” which I totally get, but it really does need some sort of aoe where you do not have to target every enemy individually.

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