Warframe Oberon Revisted

We recently talked about the playable character Oberon from the sci-fi shooter Warframe and what his impending rework might entail. Yesterday, that rework went live along with some other updates, and players have since been testing out the newly reimagined frame. So, what’s the verdict? Well, it’s complicated.

Oberon was known as a Jack of All Trades. He could do a number of things (heal, deal damage, buff), but players believed he didn’t do any particularly well. This rework aimed to bring “synergy” to his abilities, according to Warframe’s lead designer, Scott McGreggor, on a previous dev stream.

The general consensus seems to be that while the rework certainly buffed him, Oberon still isn’t very useful. In a recent forum post, users discussed exactly what was done to the frame and what they would describe the rework as. Some claim it to be a nerf, others simply a revisit, but most seem to be calling it a buff. I’ve never seen such mixed messages on a rework before.

Having played Oberon since the update, I can say that I personally didn’t notice much of a difference at all and maybe that’s why we’re seeing these odd mixed reviews. According to a post from Digital Extremes on the Warframe website yesterday, “Oberon Revisited features a complete Ability overhaul, adding cohesiveness to Oberon’s powers and increased Healing overall.” The changes, however, are all relatively small. Here’s a breakdown of every change made in the rework:

Warframe Oberon

PASSIVE: His passive has been changed so all allied pets receive buffs to their health, armour, and shield, and Oberon’s personal pet gets one instant revive per mission.

SMITE: His first ability, Smite, is now affected by mods and scales with enemy level.

HALLOWED GROUND: Hallowed Ground, his second ability, has changed its shape and now its size and status chance can be altered with mods.

RENEWAL: His third ability, Renewal, seems to be the most different in the rework, now healing in an AoE wave instead of a projectile. In addition, if an ally is standing on Hallowed Ground when hit with Renewal, they receive an armour buff.

RECKONING: Enemies standing on Hallowed Ground while Reckoning is cast while receive armour de-buffs and any enemy with a Radiation Status Chance will take extra damage.

And that’s about it. In terms of reworks this one isn’t groundbreaking, but it might interest a few new players in Oberon. It seems that players are relatively underwhelmed with the changes as a whole, though. Will you be playing Oberon now after the rework? Let us know! And, if you want more Warframe, make sure to check out my article on Warframe endgame content where we discuss some possible ideas for a new raid.


  1. Doesn’t sound too bad, I use Hallowed Ground (A Lot) spamming it constantly it’s really the onlyability I ever used with him, but now his other abilities seem to work even better with that in particular, cast a few hallowed ground around a defense target and hit targets with the ult as they pile in.

  2. To me, the most important part of this rework is how renewal now is energy over tie instead of duration. Put it on your allies at the beginning of a mission and they get that hp regen until you run out of energy. If you have on a rage mod, then that should be never! It feels super strong and I am in love with the new style of play. The increased bleedout time for anyone with renewal on them is a nice touch too. Oberon now feels like a proper support who can heal, revive, and CC effectively! He lacks a bit in the killing department, but hey, we don’t want him to be god-tier.


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