Let’s Talk About Elementals in Dark and Light

Dark and Light is a fantasy MMORPG that was released initially in 2006 to mixed reviews. It has since returned to closed beta in order to completely overhaul the game and address the issues players had with it from the beginning. The developers have been updating players on their quest to improve, and their last update depicted some of the creatures players will find during their playtime.

Dark and Light Stone Elemental

These creatures are called Elementals, and the Stone Elemental you see above is just one example. In fact, if the two Steam posts have covered them all, there are eight different types of Elemental creatures in Dark and Light. And unlike the Stone Elemental, they are far more specific to one biome.

It is important to note that these creatures, while more than willing to fight, can also be tamed to serve different purposes. The Stone Elemental, for example, is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a guard to patrol your base while you’re away on adventures.

Dark and Light Fire Elemental

The Fire Elemental is a floating mass of fire and rock. According to the Steam post these creatures were featured on, they emit large amounts of heat so ill-equipped players might not be able to survive very long in their presence. If a player manages to tame one, they can deal massive fire damage to their enemies. Obviously if you go hunting for a Fire Elemental, you would have to go to the hottest areas of the map – volcanoes and the like.

Dark and Light Dark ElementalIt only seems fitting that we take a closer look at the Dark Elemental in Dark and Light. As you can see, this creature is an unstoppable force with intimidating horns and what looks like a massive weapon fused to their arm.

The Steam posts describes these things as a “concentrated essence of pure darkness.” The developers offer up no idea for what this Elemental might be used for when tamed, but with a look like that I can see this creature having a more tank-focused role on the battlefield.

Now, it simply wouldn’t be fair to look at the Dark Elemental without looking at the Light Elemental as well. So next up is the beautiful, almost ethereal, Light Elemental. Though their appearance may suggest otherwise, light Elementals are just as likely to engage in combat as the other Elementals and thus they should not be approached unless the player is expecting a fight.

Dark and Light Light Elemental

The Light Elemental is said to be “significantly more powerful” than other Elementals. They value order over all things and chase off the darkness with the blinding light they emit. Once again there is no offer of function if you happen to be able to tame a Light Elemental, but they would probably make a great night light!

If you would like to see the entire list of Elementals in Dark and Light, be sure to check out the Steam posts. If you’d like more Dark and Light news, check out our  last Dark and Light article where we talked about the massive update that came out earlier this month. And last but not least, those that are interested in the game in general should go to the official website.

Written by Ashley Kemp

Ashley was introduced to the world of video games by her Nerd-Family. A lover of all things RPG and MMO, she’s a self-proclaimed alt-oholic and is constantly dreaming up new characters and the background stories for them. She’s obsessed with the High Fantasy genre and thus plays a lot of the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and Witcher series.

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