Hearthstone Legendary Highlight: Elise Starseeker

Mustapha R. Price
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In Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft, legendary minions stand above the rest. Few capture the essence of a legendary minion like Elise Starseeker.

She has a simple battlecry. Shuffle the map to the golden monkey into your deck. But when all three steps are complete, and the Golden Monkey is finally played, not only do you have a strong minion (a 4-cost 6/6 with taunt is nothing to scoff at) but its own battlecry really changes the game.

Replace all cards in your hand and deck with legendary minions.

This is random, and of course based on the many steps, the pacing is not always opportune. Despite this, if you can manage to build a good deck around the Golden Monkey mechanic (Warrior is the best class for this) you can really dominate a match.

Minions you may not normally play, like King Krush, are now at the tip of your fingers. You can get emergency taunts for low health, minions to shuffle more cards into your deck (to avoid fatigue) and just an overall more complex and crazy combo.

Elise Starseeker is the final legendary given upon the completion of the League Of Explorers campaign. Players who can master the art of drawing out the battle can find her incredibly useful. An armor warrior build is ideal, but any deck can make use of her with a lot of card draw and efficient plays. Her 3/5 stats aren’t too bad either, so she develops a small presence on the board as well.

Any Hearthstone player looking to maximize on the extensive library of legendary minions out there should get their hands on Elise. She fits like a glove into a lot of decks, and proves to be one of the best legendaries in the game if her attributes can be used properly.

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