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Legacy Of Discord – Furious Wings Brings Metamorph System

Change is inevitable for video games, especially ones that want to be played for a really long time, like mobile titles. For some games, they’re aiming for more than just minute or two long experiences, they want players to be on them for hours, and then some, so new content is needed to keep the game fresh. For Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings, they’ve decided to up the power ante and make sure that each and every character can be a true beast in combat. And they’re doing this via the Metamorph System.

This update will allow players to transform into creatures of great power, and with that transformation, unleash great devastation on the battlefield, making it a must have for all players of Legacy Of Discord. Not only that though, these transformations will give you full recovery of your HP, special skills that can only be found in these creatures, and power, lots and lots of power.

But of course, such power has limits. And the limit here is that you have to be Level 55 or higher to purchase a Metamorth creature to test out. Now, what creatures can you turn into? How about Flaming Spider, Sharpshooter, Puppet of Steel, and Phantom Revenant! And of course, there will be more on the way. As an added bonus, you can help tailor your own personal metamorph so that you make it fit your playstyle.

This is just the latest in a long line of updates intended to make Legacy of Discord better in the eyes of the players, for they have been wanting more dynamic battles, and thus, the developers responded in kind. And, there’s going to be another major update in October, and the Metamorph System will be updated in it, so stay tuned for more fun coming from the game.

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