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League of Legends 6.10 Patch Notes have Arrived


Today Riot introduced to us the 6.10 patch notes for League of Legends that will arrive next week. We will cover some of the main changes and the ones with the biggest impact, but you will be able to read them all in detail at the end.
So, let us start with the new champion that is coming out. Taliyah, the Stone Weaver! As we can see from the notes, her primary role will be in the middle lane as a semi-burster with a nice early game poke and an awesome disruptor in the late game with her ult. Riot stated that her secondary role is support, but looking at the state of the Leauge now, she can’t even be compared to some strong tanky support picks like Alistar or Braum.
Some of the long forgotten mages are getting buffs! For example, Swain will finally have his place at the Rift. Finally, his ultimate will be targeting the closest targets where in the past it was hitting randomly, it still prioritizes champions which is unchanged. Furthermore, the healing factor from Swain ultimate won’t be affected by the enemies’ magic resist, therefore, Swain players won’t be forced to mainly build magic penetration items.
Also, jungle item Bloodrazer is getting quite a buff if we might say. Riot is amping up the attack speed and damage percentage on it. Even though it’s new on the Rift, it has made quite an impact on the players. Not only is it the second most used jungle item, it also inspired some players to build it on ad carries such as Kog’Maw.
Some of the summoner spells are also getting buffs. Are we going to see another barrier/heal switch on the Summoners rift as we did in season 3? Barrier is getting it’s cooldown lower by 30 seconds, making it last 180 instead of 210 seconds.
And of course, we are getting some new, extremely cool and good-looking skins.

If you want to know more check out the official 6.10 patch notes.

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