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Is The New League of Legends Honor System Bugged?

Last month, we covered League of Legends’ new updated Honor System that now has 6 different ranks that you can reach. The higher the rank, the better the rewards, so people have been trying to grind as much as possible in order to show off those ranks.

Every player starts at level 2 and depending on how many honors you receive during your games you can theoretically reach higher tiers. The thing is, it’s been a month since the release and the fact that there is no documented player at the moment that reached level 3 or higher is making some players nervous. Players are having heated discussions in which they state that they’ve been receiving many honors of all sorts and that there are still no signs of them reaching the infamous level 3.

League of Legends

Even though the concept of the new honor system is perfect and it’s what the League of Legends community needed for a long time, players are complaining that the system isn’t working as intended. Replies from Riot Games community admins don’t really tell us much except to keep on grinding games and staying positive until we will reach it, but the community isn’t satisfied. This has lead to speculations that the system might not work as intended.

Do you agree with Riot Games’ statement that the players just need to grind out more honors/games to reach level 3 or do you think that it should be easier to reach? Drop your opinion in the comment section below or visit the official LoL discussion board.

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