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League of Legends: Heimerdinger’s Damage to Baron Might be Bugged

Even though League of Legends is one of the most popular games at the moment and arguably the most played MOBA of all time, it still has some issues, bugs, and overpowered things that should be worked on. Riot Games is a huge company, and it still has a lot of things to deal with that sometimes get overlooked. That may be the case with the OP Heimerdinger burst to Baron that was recently discovered.

League of Legends

The issue was discovered when Reddit User Ragsauce was playing a ranked game in which a Heimerdinger literally obliterated Baron with his W ability(Hextech Rocket Swarm) in the blink of an eye, dealing about 6,000 damage. The user checked the replay of that game and recorded the insane damage, making a gif out of it which he later decided to make a post about it on Reddit.

So, now the real question is did Riot Games intend for Heimer’s ability to do such a huge amount of damage or is it just a mistake/bug that Riot overlooked. The community has mixed opinions with some saying that the latest Heimerdinger buff made Hextech Rocket Swarm this powerful against Epic Monsters while some think that a skill like this shouldn’t be allowed in the game.

One user called HolyCrapAWalrus decided to actually try and reproduce the amount of damage that was done in the gif by using the practice tool, to which he stated:

Exact same ability useD as the video, 3 turrets, a W, E, and ult W at 6k. Took maybe 6 or 7 seconds to 100-0 Baron. This is 100% not intended and very easily reproducible.

He quickly got a reply from the Reddit user known as pennibleMan that stated:

Who knows wether it’s intended or not, nobody can really say.

What do you think? Should League of Legends have a champion that is able to do so much damage to Epic Monsters? Join the discussion over on the Reddit post.

Written by Adi

Adi is an experienced MOBA and FPS player, and he’s especially experienced with writing pieces about these particular genres. He enjoys playing games such as LoL, Hearthstone, and Counter Strike. His main focus is to deliver short and clever written articles. Already significantly experienced, Adi still seeks to improve even more, so that he can write quality piece of news as much as possible!

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