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League of Legends Finally Updates Urgot

The League of Legends community has been begging for an Urgot rework for so long that it’s almost unreal that the champion is finally getting the update that it needs. Urgot is a really old champion with a design that is really outdated for a marksman, so this update was expected to happen sooner or later.

League of Legends

His passive is now completely different from the previous that caused Urgot’s basic attacks and Acid Hunter(Q) to reduce the damage dealt by his target by 15% for 2.5 seconds. Now, his passive triggers once you keep attacking in the direction of one of Urgots legs. That leg will burst into flames, causing physical AoE damage in a cone which puts that leg on cooldown. Instead of Urgot’s former force of damage, Acid Hunter, he now has Corrosive Charge. Urgot fires an explosive which deals physical AoE damage which also slows the victims.

While these abilities have completely different concepts than the before, Urgot’s W is pretty much the same with a twist to it. Now known as Purge, Urgot’s W shields him and starts firing at the closest target. As he shoots, he also slows down a bit which causes him to be more resistant to enemy slows. Also, he can walk through non-champion units during this ability, although he is not able to perform basic attack.

Urgot’s new E ability gives him the utility he always needed. With the reworked E, Urgot can charge in a direction. In the case that he collides with an enemy champion, he will flip them over himself which damages the enemy and causes Urgot to lock onto the target.

But the biggest change to Urgot’s kit is his ultimate. His R ability was always kind of risky to use as it could have gotten you into the enemy team with no utility to use for an escape. Now, his new ultimate allows him to fire a hex drill beacon that impales the first enemy it hits. Urgot locks on to the target, dealing damage and slowing the target as well. If the target is low HP, Urgot gets to recast his ultimate, which causes Urgot to reel his target in and execute them. If he successfully does this, he will also fear all enemies near him. If you want to find out more about what happened to Urgot, visit the announcement at the official League of Legends website.

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