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League of Legends Updates PBE with SKT T1 Skins

It is a tradition for Riot Games to make team skins for the champions that were played by the team that won the most recent League of Legends Summoner’s Cup. 2016 Worlds ended up in SKT T1’s hands and now they get a set of team skins similar to the ones they got for winning the 2015 World Championship, except that it’s for different champions.league of legends

This time the champions that are getting the team skins are Ekko, Jhin, Nami, Olaf, Syndra, and Zac. These skins are coming along with some summoner icons with more things to come. All of these are available for players to preview for any player with the PBE client.

league of legends

PBE(Public Beta Environment) is a type of client that League of Legends players use in order to try out new content that Riot Games is testing before putting it out on the live servers. Because of it being on the PBE, this may or may not be the finished versions of the skins.

league of legends

Each of these skins have new VFX, new models, new texture, as well as a new recall animation. The new League of Legends commemorative skins have an epic design that shows how in-depth the skin department of Riot Games goes for the satisfaction of players. Each recall of every SKT T1 skin has a unique recall animation that comes along with a signature from the player that was playing the champion during the finals.

league of legends

Even the SKT T1 coach, kkOma, got some recognition for the win that the team achieved. Even though he didn’t get a champion skin, he got a really unique ward skin that shows him equipped with a headset and a pen in his hand. If you want more details about the skins, visit the announcement over at Surrender@20

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