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Team EnVyUs announced today that they would be parting ways with Ninja, their League of Legends mid laner throughout the Spring Split. EnVy’s performance all Split long was sporadic and lackluster, and they eventually fought their way back into the NA LCS through the Promotion Tournament. It was clear the team had issues, but were they all on Ninja?

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At the end of the Spring Split 2017, Team EnVyUs found themselves in dead last. It was rough right from the start, with jungler LirA not making it to LA for the first week of spring play due to visa issues. Ninja stepped in as substitute jungler, and Alex Ich came on to play mid. After that, it seemed like the team never quite had enough time to put all the pieces together. At least not in a way that they would actually stay together when their opponents applied any force.

league of legends

NV’s performance this past spring was not completely void of plays and highlights. Occasionally, they would manage to find the teamwork switch, flip it on, and become a really aggressive and frightening group. But the news that the organization has decided to part ways with Ninja sounds like he was a major problem. He even practiced a little self-deprecation via Twitter.

But was Ninja really that bad? According to the official stats, not entirely. Sure, his KDA was pretty bad (worse than GoldenGlue, who got 86’d from Team Liquid mid-Split), but it was actually tied with Pobelter. The Immortals mid laner was frequently lauded throughout the Split by casters and analysts, and Ninja actually also had better kill participation. And his average CS, at 8.6 per minute, has him tied with the likes of Phoenix1’s Ryu, who just proved critical to his team’s win over FlyQuest in the Playoffs to secure 3rd place.

Of course, stats aren’t everything. But it seems more than likely that this won’t be the only change Team EnVyUs makes before the upcoming Summer Split.


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