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League of Legends’ Rek’Sai is Being Reworked

League of Legends got a new jungler a few years ago and her name was Rek’Sai, The Void Burrower. She was introduced with a spooky cinematic trailer that showed what a dangerous predator she could be. After the release, the champion was instantly purchased by hundreds of thousands of players around the world and she became popular.

She quickly became a ban or pick champion that dominated the entire professional scene. Not long after her dominating appearances in the eSports scene was noticed, Riot Games decided to take the nerf hammer and slam her a bit in order to make Rek’Sai a more well-rounded and balanced champion. Since then, she wasn’t really picked as much in the pro scene and her state wasn’t getting any changes. That was when Riot Games decided that the champion needed some work around her which they ended up delaying, until now.

They announced the rework yesterday in which they showed what kind of changes she was going to receive. They felt that her ultimate had to be changed and that the map pressure she creates with it is a bit too much. Her old ultimate used to make her able to travel at incredible speed to a nearby Tunnel Entrance. Now, every time you damage someone as Rek’Sai, that someone gets Prey-marked. After casting her ultimate, she burrows herself in the ground. Suddenly she emerges and leaps at you quickly, dealing more damage depending on how low your health is. This change is going to obviously make Rek’Sai more of a diver and less of the global presence that she used to be.

Riot also worked on her combat. Rek’Sai used to have one basic pattern – tunnel in and then knock up as many people as possible. Riot wanted to make her crowd control more focused on one target. Now, every time Rek’Sai tries to knock up someone, it is going to be the closest target instead of whoever is on top of her.

They decided to improve her mobility as well, by making her tunneling more consistent. There won’t be a cooldown anymore whenever she tries to tunnel twice on the same tunnel, which allows her to stay safe when in the middle of the fight. Juking enemies is another thing that won’t be hard with this addition to her kit. Her passive also generates more Fury, which is going to give her more sustain during team fights, skirmishes, and jungle clears. If you want to see more for yourself, visit the announcement over at League of Legends website.

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