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Balance in League of Legends can often be precarious, and Riot is constantly updating and tweaking even the smallest aspects of the game in pursuit of it. Players will always have their own ideas about what is balanced and what is out of whack, and several of them have taken to the forums to discuss the current power of turrets.

League of Legends Turrets

Summoner xJLx MCHammer started a thread on the League of Legends forums calling for turrets to ramp up their damage faster. As it stands, turrets gain 40% damage each time they strike an enemy champion consecutively, to a maximum of a 120% bonus. MCHammer is calling for this to increase faster, or maybe potentially raise the cap on the increase. His main concern seems to be that it is too easy for aggressive champions, not tanks, to soak turret damage while setting up dives.

league of legends

After the original post, it seems everybody has a better idea on how turrets should function. There are plenty of troll comments, such as turrets doing pure damage (which is the type of damage exclusive to the Nexus Obelisk) or automatically killing any non-tank targets on the third shot.

Summoner Yes I Main Zed suggests that turrets could have a 3-hit passive, which Quasistellar builds on to say that every third hit could slow. This could provide an interesting strategy mechanic for turret divers, in that dodging every third hit could avoid the passive proc.

Plenty of other players think that there should be more differences between turrets at different tiers on the Rift. And then there are others still that believe turrets are just fine the way they are, and that the whole thread smacks of tilted summoners who got outplayed underneath their own turrets.

While turrets in League of Legends do have slight differences across map modes, Summoner’s Rift is general considered to be paramount to all others. So in any discussion about the way turrets function, it can be assumed that it pertains to the Rift first.


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