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League of Legends Players Ask For New Stats To Show Support Help

League of Legends provides many statistics and numbers to show player just how well they’re doing in the game’s matches. This can help them grow as players, as well as compare themselves to others in the game. But for some players, these stats aren’t as helpful as Riot Games believes they are, or at least, not to the degree that it could be. This means that certain types of characters are getting left out in the stat reveals.

This comes from player SociopathFriend, who usually plays League of Legends as a Support character, which is where the problem comes in apparently. You see, many of the boosts that Support characters give in League of Legends aren’t tracked in the post game stats. The only one that’s close to it is Healing, but as SociopathFriend notes, some supports don’t heal.

“A support like Lulu that doesn’t heal her allies. She shields her allies, grants bonus health, and gives movement speed and attack speed,” he states.

League of Legends

For him, it’s hard to play as a Support not because of the gameplay itself, but because it’s hard to determine just how much he’s helping his team. As such, he believes that the post-game stats needs to add things for Support characters so that they can know how much they have helped. He suggests stats such as “Damage Mitigated,” or “Shields Boosted,” or other categories like that.

The League of Legends community weighed in on his plea, and many agreed with his notions. One even stated that games like Overwatch do tracks stats like this, and for this game not to was kind of “pathetic.”

While others didn’t agree fully with his suggestions, some were open to some stats being calculated:

“Damage shielded would definitely be fair to add,” said player Silvanduin.

What do you think? Should more stats be calculated at the end of of matches? If so, which ones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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