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League of Legends Patch 7.9 Notes Are Out

Riot has released the patch notes for 7.9, this year’s midseason update to League of Legends. After releasing an introduction to Midseason 2017 on April 14th, the official patch with big changes to the Rift Herald and some champion updates is now upon us.

League of Legends Midseason Patch 7.9

Maokai has an entirely new ultimate. There’s almost nothing recognizable about Sejuani. Zac can throw enemies into each other. There’s a new hat, a new shirt, and a brand new Rift Herald. Patch 7.9 has an awful lot to unpack.

If you have any of those champions in your pockets, definitely check them out. The Adaptive Helm will also arrive with 7.9. It builds off a Spectre’s Cowl, adding even more magic resistance, health regeneration, and cooldown reduction. It looks like the perfect thing to do with that third or second rejuvenation bead some top lane pros have been picking up.

league of legends

The gargoyle Stoneplate looks to be a pretty powerful tank item, especially in team fights. Stacking its passive with its active actually gives you 100% bonus health for 4 seconds, while reducing the damage you deal. Definitely a tasty buy for Shen or other champions with easy taunts.

Sunfire Cape¬†going up to 200% bonus damage to minions and monsters, as well as some other tweaks. Banshee’s Veil has become a carry item, building off of a Fiendish Codex, Blasting Wand, and just a Null Magic Mantle. That means less MR, no health, but a pretty nice +70 ability power.

It’s essentially swapping places with Abyssal Scepter, which now grants health instead of ability power. And Guardian Angel now adds attack damage instead of MR, and builds off of a B.F. Sword. So go figure that schematic out. Plus, demand is up and supply is down on BoRKs, so they’ve gone up in price by 100 gold.

CC effects will replace a player’s name for the duration of the effect. There’s also some new end games stats, what with all the push lately to go beyond KDA. But the main event for this patch will be the brand new Rift Herald, smashing down lanes and taking down turrets if players aren’t quick to stop her. Looking at her stats, she certainly can’t last forever, but players will have to turn their attention to her when she comes.

There is, as always, much more in the official patch notes. Be sure to check them out now that the patch is imminent.


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