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League of Legends Patch 7.10 Has Ping Mute

Riot has released the patch notes for League of Legends 7.10, which, according to Phreak in his Rundown video, will most likely be the patch the Summer Split starts on. Those of us who are mere mortals should see the update pushed through before very long. 7.10 has plenty of champion tweaks, bug fixes, and the addition of ping mute, among other things.

League of Legends 7.10

If you think the ability to mute pings isn’t a big deal, you’ve never experienced ping spam in a game. The ability to mute a player’s pings is a simple thing that should make plenty of people happy. But it is not, of course, the most important change in 7.10.

That honor is up for dispute. Heimerdinger is receiving some rather significant changes, with lower regeneration and his turrets have been heavily revamped, including no longer prioritizing enemy champions. If you’re a Heimerdinger fan, definitely check the notes on the changes.

Rammus is now going to fly like a bat out of hell when using his Powerball. The movement speed on it is going from a flat 155% to scaling 150-235% at max rank. It lasts for 6 seconds instead of 7 to compensate, and the cooldown is also reduced. The team hopes this and the other changes to Rammus make his kit a bit more thoughtful.

Dipping into the meta, Fizz’s W across the board had base damage reduced, but AP scaling increased. Similarly, Grave’s Q will have its base damage reduced and its bonus damage ratios increased, along with an increase on the cooldown of his R.

They’ve weighted down Ivern’s and Lee Sin’s shoes, decreasing their movement speed slightly. Lulu’s getting light nerfs, since her priority in pro play has been awfully high recently. Her base health is down, as well as the strength of her shield. Maokai’s saplings are also nerfed in the early game, dealing 20 less damage at each rank, though that’s a much bigger difference at 25 than it is at 125. Rakan’s Q range is going from 800 to 900, which means it might be possible to land it every once in a while.

Sejuani is having her nails trimmed, as the team admits she came out of the gate too hot. Meanwhile, it turns out Renekton was basically made of bugs, so the team did some brisk sweeping. There’s some item changes too, including reducing the MR and health regen on Spirit Visage to try and make it a bit less of an all-purpose MR item. See the notes, and hit the Rift when patch 7.10 goes live to test the changes out yourself.

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