League of Legends: Patch 6.12 Summary

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league-of-legends-patch-notes-5.13The new League of Legends patch brings a fair amount of buffs and nerfs, but the real focus was on ARAM.

For those who might not know, ARAM stands for All Random All Mid, and it’s basically a one lane mode. The main problem about this mode is that poke and ranged champions have the upper hand, while melee ones are usually the part of the losing team.

Even though developers openly state that they don’t plan on making this game mode too balanced, they will do their best to even some aspects of the game.

Varus_6“While we don’t plan to ever fully balance a random mode given the obscure (and sometimes soul-crushing) compositions it can churn out, we’re confident we can make some pretty big wins by easing some of the more obvious outliers.”

Corki, Xin Zhao, and Syndra are getting some buffs due the fact that last patches did them no good. Corki is receiving some nice tweaks on his Valkyrie and Gatling Gun, Syndra is getting ability power ratios in place and Xin Zhao will now be healthier.

Some of the most noticeable nerfs, regarding champions, goes to Fizz. The small trickster won’t be so small anymore. The first change was with his hitbox radius that went from 30 to 55. Additionally, Seastone Trident’s percentages are going down and Playful Trickster cooldown is going up.

And last but not least, the Dark Star skins are here!

There are a few more changes regarding masteries and items, so if you want to know more visit League of Legends site.

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