League of Legends NA Summer Promotion Recap

The League of Legends NA Summer Promotion/Relegation Tournament concluded yesterday, with both Team Liquid and Team EnVyUs reclaiming their spots in the NA LCS. That is not to say...

The League of Legends NA Summer Promotion/Relegation Tournament concluded yesterday, with both Team Liquid and Team EnVyUs reclaiming their spots in the NA LCS. That is not to say it was an easy task for those two teams, and Gold Coin United and eUnited will look to redouble their efforts in the NA CS Summer Split.

League of Legends NA Summer Promotion Tournament

As the analysts were saying throughout the tournament, the two teams that were there from the NA LCS Spring Split were some of the strongest that the Promotion Tournament had ever seen. By the end of the regular season, Team Liquid was fielding Doublelift along-side their regular heavyweights like Piglet and Reignover. The investment for Team Liquid paid off, and Doubelift was mostly immaculate in his game play against both eUnited and Gold Coin United. He was able to help secure Team Liquid’s NA LCS spot after just two matches, as they even shut out GCU in the final game just shy of 30 minutes with a kill score of 10-0.

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Team EnVyUs had a harder road back into the LCS, losing their first match to Gold Coin United without even taking it to 5 games. They continued to struggle with their mid- and late-games, as well as their team fighting mechanics. Gold Coin United, on the other hand, looked smooth and clean, at least for a Challenger Series team. They were able to push their way closer to the LCS through the carry potential of their midlaner FeniX and the astute support of MadLife.

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But after defeating eUnited in the second round of matches, Team EnVyUs started to feel like the team everybody thought they should be. It really wasn’t until everything was on the line in game 5 of their second match against Gold Coin United that Team EnVyUs seemed to wake up and started playing like a thoughtful and truly competitive squad.

While Gold Coin United got enough stage time to certainly show some high level play, eUnited was the first team to be eliminated from the Promotion tournament and sent back to the NA CS. Nevertheless, each of their players had some very strong performances, though my personal pick goes to Deftly’s swift deletion of Doublelift, landing a Deadly Flourish and immediately opening up into a Curtain Call.

Be sure to tune in for the NA LCS Spring Playoffs, which begin this Saturday, April 8th, at 12pm PDT.


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