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Week 3 of the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split 2017 has just begun, and Day 1 held victorious for Echo Fox and Immortals, who sit in the number one spot in the rankings for now. Meanwhile, Team Dignitas has released veteran support Xpecial, and acquired FlyQuest’s Altec and Team Liquid’s Adrian. Xpecial heads over to Phoenix1.

League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split Week 3

Immortals won their series handily over Team Liquid, taking them 2-0, but the team paid for by Steve is starting to look a bit more threatening. Aside from an abysmal attempt at split pushing from Lourlo in Game 2 that saw him fail to take an Inhibitor and die to the enemy team, Liquid was able to play to the advantages of their team compositions and get some decent picks across the map. Immortals continues to look strong this season, with Xmithie working to the advantage of the entire team.

Echo Fox was also able to secure victory over Team EnVy, despite what looked like a very questionable team composition in Game 2. With 3 ADCs (Kennen, Varus, and Lucian), Thresh support and Nidalee in the jungle, the picks seemed like quite a gamble. But with LirA’s Gragas the only tank on the NV side, and nothing but a Glacial Shroud on the entire team for armor upwards of almost 30 minutes, the AD-heavy composition found the advantage. In a move that seems to defy any conventional wisdom, LirA prioritized buying Spirit Visage before even completing his Frozen Heart, and went with Mercury’s Treads over Ninja Tabi against an almost all AD team.

Mid-Week Roster Swaps

But League of Legends news in Week 3 came from outside the Rift as well, with FlyQuest sending off former ADC Altec, and Team Liquid releasing substitute support Adrian, who both head over to Team Dignitas. Dignitas had been starting Big in the position of support, and so released Xpecial, who now heads over to Phoenix1. The trades perhaps have the most potential payoff for Phoenix1, who have yet to win a match in the Summer Split. While it can’t really be said that all their problems rest on the shoulders of rookie support Shady, the team clearly needs to make some changes in order to improve their performance. The press release from Team Dignitas does not mention if these acquisitions will change their starting players.

The action continues with Week 3 today and tomorrow, starting off at noon PDT with Team Liquid against Team SoloMid, and Immortals against Cloud9.


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