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League of Legends NA LCS Week 2 Recap

The dust has settled after Week 2 of the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split 2017, and no teams managed to carry their undefeated records through their second round of matches. Echo Fox has fallen to 2-2, losing both of their Week 2 matches, while Team EnVyUs secured two victories. That makes for a four-way-tie for first place between Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, Team EnVy, and Immortals.

League of Legends NA LCS Week 2

Although they looked strong in Week 1, Echo Fox came up short this past weekend. Granted, their first two victories were against FlyQuest and Team Liquid, who continue to struggle in the bottom of the pack. Week 2 had them against considerably tougher opponents, CLG and Cloud9. Cloud9 was also able to defeat Phoenix1, who is the only team that has yet to win a match.

Analysts will surely be spending this week discussing what Phoenix1 has to do to climb out from this hole. According to Tim Sevenhuysen‘s, every single one of their lanes is averaging a deficit in gold and CS at 10 minutes, with Ryu breaking even in the midlane on experience. Even Spring Split MVP Arrow finds himself second to last in CS at 10 minutes for the ADC position, ahead only of Immortals’ Cody Sun.

It is virtually impossible for a team to win a game if all of their lanes are bleeding out, and that seems to be the case for Phoenix1 so far. Meanwhile, Dignitas pulled out a victory over Spring Split champs Team SoloMid, but also gave Team Liquid their first match win of the season. While they still sit at the top of the rankings, that sort of inconsistency is definitely worrisome for Dignitas.

TSM emerged victorious in their hyped rivalry match against Counter Logic Gaming, though they certainly didn’t make it look easy. On the one hand, TSM has had less time to scrim than most of the other NA LCS teams, due to their attendance at MSI. But one might think that competing against the best teams in the world is practice in its own right. The team has yet to exhibit the sort of domination of the region that they would like.

Credit goes to Team EnVyUs for giving Immortals their first loss of the Summer Split. Their bot lane, Apollo and Hakuho, have really shown improvement since Spring, although Hakuho played Karma in every single game in Week 2. Meanwhile, LirA is still ramping up into the All NA LCS jungler he was last split, and Seraph, due to the teams overall improved performance, is more able to demonstrate his ability as one of the regions strongest top laners.

Cloud9 is beginning to look more like themselves, and FlyQuest is continuing to struggle. Team Liquid still seems to have a number of problems to work out, but were able to secure a victory this week. Anyone thinking that their issues are completely on the shoulders of GoldenGlue aren’t looking at the bigger picture, and didn’t see him stomp across the rift as Galio.

Week 3 of the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split 2017 will begin Friday, June 16th. NV will be looking to continue their surge, and while they might be able to do so against Echo Fox, they also face TSM this week. There will also be another C9 vs. old C9 match this week, as the current C9 roster faces off against FlyQuest. Tune in via Twitch on NA LCS 1 and NA LCS 2.

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