League of Legends NA LCS Week 2 Preview

Week 2 of the League of Legends NA LCS officially kicks off later today, with some teams looking to solidify the leads they set up last week, and plenty...
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Week 2 of the League of Legends NA LCS officially kicks off later today, with some teams looking to solidify the leads they set up last week, and plenty of others looking to turn things around.

Immortals find themselves on a hot streak, carried by supportive jungler Xmithie and the prowess of midlaner Pobelter that brought him to the number one spot on the challenger ladder (although it’s currently held by EUnited’s top laner Licorice). Their week one wins were over perennial Split champions TSM, as well as Phoenix1. After defeating two top teams, they’ll be up against FlyQuest and Team EnVyUs. So long as they continue their momentum and nobody rests on their laurels, Immortals could be standing at 4-0 after Week 2.

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While Echo Fox also came out of Week 1 2-0, they did so against teams that most anyone would perceive as weaker contenders for the NA throne, Team Liquid and FlyQuest. Week 2 has them against the surging CLG roster, as well as Cloud9. Unless scrimming the Delta Fox “Meme Team” proves insanely valuable (and the Meme Team lost their first NA CS match against EUnited 0-2), Echo Fox will struggle to maintain their undefeated streak in Week 2.

Team Dignitas also defeated FlyQuest and EnVy in Week 1, earning themselves a 2-0 record. And while they can probably win a third against Team Liquid, they’ll also have to face TSM in Week 2. TSM have hopefully sharpened their teeth since last week, taking down their rivals last split, Cloud9, but falling in an upset to Immortals 0-2.

Sunday holds perhaps the most enticing match up of Week 2, putting CLG against TSM for the first time this summer. One of the oldest rivalries in NA, CLG’s lackluster performance in the Spring included losing both of their regular season matches against TSM. This Summer, however, CLG is looking down from the top of the standings.

Troubles continue for Team Liquid, who subbed in Slooshi for starting midlaner GoldenGlue after just their first game loss against CLG. Slooshi was unable to turn things around for the team, and they fell to Echo Fox as well. Week 2 likely has some hope for them, as they face Team EnVy, who is still hoping to figure out the right strategies to unlock the potential of its roster.

Tune in later today via Twitch. The first game will be Phoenix1 against Cloud9, starting at 3pm PDT.

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