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League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split is Half Over

After Week 5 of the NA LCS Summer Split, the League of Legends competitive summer season is officially have over. Immortals, who held their position at the top of the standings since the start of the split, were finally toppled by Counter Logic Gaming, after Team SoloMid defeated Immortals and CLG won both their matches in Week 5.

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Week 5 Recap


The week was off to a high profile start with Team SoloMid’s rematch against Cloud9. In an intense series that went all 3 games, Cloud9 emerged victorious, finally delivering payback for their defeat in the Spring Finals. The win came just days before both teams, along with Phoenix1, would board flights for Berlin to compete against EU in Rift Rivals. P1 likely goes in higher spirits than earlier in the split, after securing a victory over Team EnVyUs and Immortals in Week 5. Rookie jungler MikeYeung continues to be a reliable carrying force for P1, especially on popular meta jungler Elise. His performance has released some of the map pressure that had made it impossible for last split’s MVP Arrow to work effectively.

If the TSM roster was feeling down about losing to C9 ahead of Rift Rivals, they can feel good about beating Immortals on Day 2. Although they lost their first match against IMT this Split, they were able to find the right balance of resources between each of their potential carry positions. Bjergsen in particular has been pulling his weight this split, with Hauntzer showing a little less dominance after the change in meta away from heavy tanks and the return of Doublelift to the roster.

Counter Logic Gaming will not be attending Rift Rivals, but likely there are many NA fans who wish they were. After the addition of Dardoch in the jungle, the team has a renewed fervor. Their match against C9 also offered the now somewhat rare treat of seeing HuHi’s Aurelion Sol. According to statistics shown during the match, his career KDA on the champion is 50/19/72.

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The effects of a surge in professional League of Legends competition can definitely be felt, as well as the end of that momentum. With loses this past week against TSM and P1, Immortals took a significant blow to their win record and perceived power ranking. And while TSM and C9 are locked in an endless battle for dominance of the league, Counter Logic Gaming looks to be the most consistent team in the league at the moment. They’ve only lost two games, and they were to TSM and Immortals. Contrast that with TSM’s lost to Team Dignitas (currently 5-5) or Immortals loses to Team EnVy (5-5) and now P1 (3-7).

The veterans plus Moon on FlyQuest will also be relieved after Week 5, ending their losing streek with double wins against Dignitas and Echo Fox. Currently at 3-7, the team still looks towards making it to World’s, and it looks like they’ll have to do it through playoffs if it’s going to be possible.

One final thing to consider at this point in the season is the fact that each team still has yet to play one other team. Had TSM played P1 earlier it would have probably been a no contest, but now both of their games against them this season will be with their newly effective roster. Meanwhile, C9, CLG, and Immortals could all be expected to win their match ups against NV, Dig, and Echo Fox, respectively. But the best news is perhaps the padding FlyQuest could get off of finally playing against Team Liquid.

The League of Legends NA LCS takes a break next weekend for Rift Rivals, taking place July 5th through the 8th. Regular games will resume the following weekend, starting on July 14th with CLG against FlyQuest and Immortals against Echo Fox.

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