League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split 3-Way Tie

After returning from the break, or Rift Rivals over in Berlin, teams resumed regular season play in the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split this past weekend. After...
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After returning from the break, or Rift Rivals over in Berlin, teams resumed regular season play in the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split this past weekend. After the matches, Team SoloMid, Immortals, and Counter Logic Gaming find themselves in a three-way tie for first.

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Week 6

There was plenty to watch in Week 6 of the NA LCS Summer Split. Phoenix1 seemed to figure everything out on the plane ride over, and ended Rift Rivals as the second most successful NA team over Cloud9. Newcomers to the team MikeYeung and Xpecial were poised and ready to pull them out of the bottom of the standings.

Meanwhile, Team Dignitas had announced their release of former starting jungler Chaser in favor of Shrimp. Following 10-man roster trends, Dig had also picked up former FlyQuest ADC Altec, as well as support Adrian. So who knew what to expect from a team whose performances have been as unpredictable as their roster?

It was that new bot lane combo, Altec and Adrian, as well as perennial favorite top laner Ssumday, that helped propel Dig to a surprising 2-0 week. That meant victories not only over P1, but also the first place team at the time, Counter Logic Gaming. Altec’s Kalista proved incredibly fearsome in both games against CLG, propelling Dig up a peg, and bringing CLG down into that three-way tie despite their win this week against FlyQuest.

That was made possible by 2-0 weeks for both Team SoloMid and Immortals. Immortals were able to take down Cloud9 in a hard-fought 2-1 series, as well as Echo Fox for their two wins. TSM tackled down P1 2-0, settling any questions anybody might have had from Rift Rivals on which was the better NA team. But then, TSM’s second match against Team Liquid was drawn out and much closer than fans of the Spring Split and Rift Rivals champions might have liked. Despite their roster troubles, Team Liquid did manage to put up a fight, but still fell 0-2 to TSM and FlyQuest this week.

It was also a great week for Team EnVyUs, with ADC Apollo continuing to step up and new mid laner Nisqy starting to shine. NV went 2-0 in week 6, with wins against both Echo Fox and Cloud9. That means it was an 0-2 week for C9, who seems to struggle without mid laner Jensen getting ahead and carrying their games. Ray continues his improvement in leaps and bounds, jungler Contractz is always in the right place at the right time, and their bot lane duo is one of the most mechanically gifted in the region. But for some reason, C9’s only win condition seems to be through that mid lane, and other teams have taken notice.

Because of that, Cloud9 now finds themselves dead even at 6-6, and the barrier for the bottom teams hoping to make playoffs. But they’ve played all their games against the top three teams at the moment, so it’s certainly conceivable that they could climb to a higher standing before playoffs. Week 7 will feature Immortals against CLG, and TSM and CLG won’t meet again until the final day of regular play. Team EnVy and Dig sit just beneath them, tied for fourth place at 7-5. Both teams suddenly look like completely viable contenders for playoffs. EnVy has beaten Immortals and Cloud9, Dig has beaten TSM and CLG, they both have one game left against all four teams, and they went 1-1 against each other. Could it possibly look any more even than that?

The NA LCS Summer Split returns this Friday with Week 7, starting off with Cloud9 against Phoenix1. Tune in for some of the best League of Legends in North America via Twitch on NA LCS 1 and NA LCS 2.

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