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League of Legends NA LCS Day 1 Wins for CLG, IMT

The League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split 2017 officially began yesterday, with Counter Logic Gaming defeating last split’s number two team, Cloud9. Immortals also started off with a win against Phoenix 1.

League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split Day 1

Both of yesterday’s bo3 matches went the full three games, and both potentially went the way fewer people expected. CLG struggled to gain serious momentum in the Spring Split, but their consistent, practiced play landed them in fourth place by the time it was over. This Summer, with the addition of their new jungler Dardoch, they were able to take down Cloud9 in their first match of the Split.

And although Dardoch earned the Split’s first First Blood, it was Aphromoo and Huhi who earned themselves MVP status in CLG’s winning games. Game two saw the CLG bot lane lock in the NA LCS debut of Riot’s newest additions to the League of Legends family, Xayah and Rakan. And while Stixxay was certainly deadly on Xayah, it was Aphromoo’s Rakan that was seriously stealing the show. The engages, as well as the turnarounds, that the support was able to perform on the champion showed off some of the impressive playmaking that seemed lacking from the team in the Spring.

Meanwhile, Immortals, who traded away Dardoch for long time CLG jungler Xmithie, also came out victorious in their first match of the split, against last Split’s third place team, Phoenix1. Xmithie’s tempered playstyle seemed to blend well with a team that often struggled throughout the Spring.

Today’s match ups include the storied rematch between the Spring finalists, Team SoloMid and Cloud9. Riot’s LoL Esports even put out a video featuring Jensen and audio soundbites from the final team fight at finals, where he was quickly obliterated without being able to use any of the various tools of escape he had on Ekko. Tune in to see if C9 looks tilted after starting the Split with a loss via the official NA LCS channel on Twitch, starting at 2PM PDT, and check out our League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split Power Rankings.

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