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It is a fiercely competitive time for the representatives at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2017 in Brazil, unless you happen to be SK Telecom T1. The South Korean defending champions have proved their absolute dominance at the international tournament, currently standing at 6-0. All other teams continue to compete for second place.

League of Legends MSI Day 3

At the halfway point for MSI 2017, SKT stood undefeated at 5-0, and every other team was deadlocked at 2-3. The day started with a game between NA’s Team SoloMid and EU’s G2 Esports that spanned 50 minutes and came down to about two auto attacks. TSM was able to stop the G2 push, protect their Nexus, and break down G2’s to take the match. But the fashion in which it was won, with TSM having the lead for just about the first 30 minutes only to almost throw the match, did little to inspire confidence.

Flash Wolves started the day out against SKT, which was not an effective way for the team that seems to be disappointing all expectations to gain some traction. G2 was able to use them to start an upswing, decisively taking them down in the first match of the back half of the tournament.

GIGABYTE Marines continued to utilize the element of surprise, including some old-fashioned lane swapping at the start of games, in both of their matches on Day 3. However, whereas their unconventional tactics resulted in a win over China’s WE, SKT was an entirely different story. Capitalizing on any mistakes the Marines made, SKT absolutely dumpstered the Marines, with Peanut popping off at netting 14 kills before 10 minutes, and Faker and Huni picking up the heavy lifting mid-game to close it out.

NA’s troubles continued, with the last match of the day between TSM and WE. Despite some flashy Ryze play from Bjergsen, the LPL champions were able to dominate the map and shut down any momentum TSM was hoping to start. And it didn’t help whenever TSM’s jungler Svenskeren or ADC WildTurtle got picked off for staying too long and being out of position.

Day 4 continues today via Riot’s official Twitch stream.

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