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League of Legends Midseason Updates Focus Rift Herald, Tanks, Sustain

Riot has released the notes for their Midseason 2017 changes, emphasizing their focus on stability and creating as many viable options for players as possible. This time around, the Rift Herald is getting a major overhaul, and there will be several changes to some tank champions and a few items.

League of Legends Midseason 2017 Update

Situated nicely between the Spring and Summer seasons, the Midseason offers Riot a vantage point on the state of the game, and an opportunity to make balance changes and updates to enhance the experience, both for players and spectators. Even if the changes do mean that some of the pros have to scrim that much harder after the updates take effect.

One major focus for the Midseason changes is the Rift Herald. After a year and a half of rarely being utilized for the solo lane buff she had to offer, Riot is changing up the Rift Herald in a big way. Instead of granting a buff, slaying her will now provide Herald’s Eyes. This is a temporary item that grants Empowered Recall as long as it lasts in the player’s inventory. But it can also be used and consumed to summon the Rift Herald into the nearest lane. Once there, she will go on a mindless, smashing rampage, destroying anything in her path until she is taken down.

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This has the potential to be a really interesting dynamic for matches on the Rift. Be sure to check out the article and get the full details on how the Rift Herald will work after the update.

Three champions, Sejuani, Zac, and Maokai, are all getting reworks. The team has focused on making Maokai more of a specialty pick than the average generalist he’s been throughout the latter half of spring. Meanwhile, the updates to Sejuani and Zac hope to make them relevant at all, with Sejuani designed to excel skirmishing in 2v2 or 3v3 matchups, while Zac is getting more to do after he has already slingshotted himself into the fray.

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Two new items, the Adaptive Helm and the Gargoyle Stoneplate, are two defensive pick ups that can work well in particular situations. The Adaptive Helm is an anti-sustained magic damage item that blocks a portion of spell damage if you’ve already been recently hit with the same spell. Meanwhile, the Gargoyle Stoneplate offers huge bonuses when the wearer is surrounded by at least three enemy champions.

See the notes for the full details on what to expect when the Midseason 2017 League of Legends changes take effect.

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