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League of Legends is known for having a really competitive esports scene. Because of this, professional players tend to move on when a better opportunity presents itself. This apparently happened for William “Stunt” Chen, who has now left his position on the NA LCS team Phoenix1. Stunt is a support player that used to play for a few teams such as Ember, Team Liquid Academy,  and Team Dignitas.

league of legends
Stunt, via Twitter.

A recent post from Pheonix1 revealed that Stunt has received an offer to play in a different LCS roster. In the post, Phenoix1 stated how grateful they are for Stunt’s contribution to the team. Stunt shared the role of support with Jordan “Shady” Robinson during the Spring Split, after Adrian “Adrian” Ma left to join Team Liquid.

League of Legends
Image via Twitter.

Shady will take over the position of support and play as a starter for the SUmmer Split. Phoenix1 states that Shady suits the team very well, as he contributed to their previous 3rd place win against FlyQuest. He has great potential and the team thinks that he will only improve alongside the rest of the roster.

Team eUnited is another team that is currently having some big roster changes. Well-known Korean players DanDy and GBM are the new additions to the team. DanDy is playing as the jungler, and formerly played in the 2014 World Championship tournament on Samsung Galaxy White. That year, his team ended up winning after losing only 2 games in the entire World Championship. GBM also started for several big names in the League of Legends esports, such as CJ Entus Frost, NRG Esports and Vitality. The roster change was announced via Twitter earlier today.

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