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League Of Legends 6.14 Patch Notes

league of legends patch 614_0The newest patch notes for League of Legends have been released and we are happy to run them down for you.

This will be a short recap of everything that is most important in upcoming patch, so keep in mind that it won’t cover every detail. Some changes are already known to public, but we will mention them anyways.

The first and most important change for this patch is definitely Ryze rework. After not so long ago Ryze got a nice rework, but it seems Riot wasn’t happy about it so they made another one. We talked about this earlier so if you by any chance missed it, feel free to read about it right here.

triumphant ryze splash art

Most significat changes in the upcoming patch will consider champions like Fiora, Lee Sin, Leona, Poppy, Azir, Rek’Sai, Viktor, Malzahar. These champions are getting buffed or nerfed.


Leona will recieve a nice damage buff and addditional perk in her ultimate skill. Fiora will also recieve a smaller damage buff, while Lee Sin will have better shield with his Safeguard skill.

On the other side, champions like Rek’Sai, Viktor, Azir and Malzahar will get nerfed.


Rek’Sais radar will be tweaked so it won’t alert Rek’Sai if the enemy is minorly moving to modify their facing. Malzahar will move a bit slower and his attack reach will be shorter. Azirs soldiers won’t be so strong late game, because, even though they will keep the initial damage, the scaling damage won’t be so impactful as it was in the past.

Additionally, to all this, Twisted Treeline will recieve some significat tweaks and updates in hope that it will become more apealing to players.


If you want to know more and would like to read about these patch notes in a more detailed manner, visit official League of Legends site following this link.

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