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Echo Fox’s League of Legends Head Coach Announces Free Agency

Simon “heavenTime” Jeon, head coach of the Echo Fox League of Legends team, announced his free agency today via his Twitter. He joined the organization as head coach last summer, coaching the League of Legends squad through two splits. His free agency comes just one week before the start of the Summer Split 2017.

League of Legends and Echo Fox

As a League of Legends squad, Echo Fox has been hot and cold in the NA LCS, especially during the Spring Split. While rookie jungler Akaadian came out with a strong start, his momentum curtailed, and ADC Keith consistently maintained very poor statistics for his position compared to the rest of the region.

The announcement did not explain heavenTime’s reason for leaving the organization, which is owned by former NBA player turned esports embassador, Rick Fox. Just yesterday, Fox was defeated by Rogue’s owner Steve Aoki in a charity match of Injustice 2, and suffered a cake to the face.

Echo Fox finished 8th in the NA LCS Spring Split 2017, narrowly avoiding relegation with a final record of 6-12. Last summer, in heavenTime’s first Split as head coach, they finished dead last, only winning 1 of 18 games, but fared a bit better in the Promotion Tournament to re-qualify.

league of legends

Rosters are still fluid at the moment, with WildTurtle switching colors yesterday. Immortals also acquired a new head coach in the mid-season break, importing SSONG from South Korea. The Summer Split 2017 matches officially begin June 2nd.

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