League of Angels

Android and iOS are about to get a major turned-based RPG in the form of League of Angels: Paradise Land. The game is made by GTArcade, who are known for games like Legacy of Discord, which has topped the charts of many countries in its six-month run so far. Plus, there’s a “mysterious superstar” who has endorsed this game. And though we cannot tell you who this superstar is, you likely have seen them, and this is a big endorsement.

League of Angels: Paradise Land is a game that will take you to the world of Elysium, where a dark power has overthrown the rule of the Angels. Because of this, the Human, Elvan and Orc races are now on the brink of conflict and war. To make matters worse, the Prophecy of the Apocalypse has been spread across the land, and the only hope to change the fate of the world is to find a relic known simply as the “Omega.” Through this relic, hope may be restored.

You can expect a lot from League of Angels: Paradise Land, not the least of which will be the 3D graphics done by the Senior Art Director who did GTA 5. From the characters to the world, the developers promise that every bit of the game will be carefully rendered to ensure that players get the best visual experience possible.

Also, as this is an RPG, the team promises a deep story, and twisting paths where players will decide what one to choose. As noted, pre-registration is already underway, and depending on how many people pre-register, special rewards will be granted to them upon the games release.


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