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Lead An Angry Mob In Okhlos!

If you ever wanted to lead a big group of angry people and bring down mythological gods, Okhlos is the game for you! You and your beloved brethren will no longer tolerate the abuse from their deities, so you’ll take up arms and stomp everything on your path!

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You will face many challenges, such as the beastly minotaur, you’ll be burning down sacred temples in defiance to the gods, and finally, you will come face to face with the almighty and oppressive Olympians! When you’re not doing the things just listed, you will recruit and balance your unruly mob, so you can expect warriors, peasants, slaves and even livestock fighting together for their freedom!

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It’s a game set in Ancient Greece, which is still an interesting setting that most games don’t do correctly. This one is taking a comical approach, as it’s full of Greek mythology and cheesy, but funny puns about both gods and heroes from that ancient time. There are even 100 legendary heroes for you to recruit and upgrade your mob, increasing your overall power and giving you the strength needed to fight the vile gods! You can count on the assistance of Heracles, Leonidas, Pandora, Socrates and many others.

Image: Steam
Image: Steam

If this sounds interesting, you can check out the game on Steam here!

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