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Ask Riot Talks League of Legends Announcers, Exhaust, and Below the Rift

When it comes to answering fan questions, Riot Games may just be the kings. They do Q&As frequently so that their League of Legends players are rarely at a loss for answers.  And honestly, it’s refreshing to see what honest answers the Riot crew give to the players who ask just as honest questions. The latest Ask Riot Q&A has arrived, and with it comes new questions and answers that are sure to please many, even if they didn’t think they wanted to ask a particular question themselves.

For example, one player wanted to know if the Gangplank Announcers could come back to League of Legends at some point. Or, if another kind of announcer pack could make it into the game. Riot Games revealed that for them, making that pack was a blast, and it really fit the event that they made it for. However, they would be careful about when it could come back.

Basically, they note that it would need to fit the right opportunity in the game, and thus players shouldn’t expect announcer packs to be released regularly. In fact, they say that they have no plans for putting it back in the content rotation. But don’t give up hope! Even if it doesn’t return, Riot could put together a different announcer pack for an event down the road.

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Another player submitted a question to Ask Riot about Exhaust, and why it was weakened. To Riot, the spell was just a little too powerful, and it was being used too often by players because it had the ability to slow, weaken, and increase damage taken. This translated to less strategic choices for players and less variation among Summoner Spell choices. So the changes were made to bring Exhaust back into balance. And they’re pretty pleased with the result.

Finally, someone asked what’s under Summoner’s Rift. But honestly, their explanation is so intricate…you just need to read it for yourself.

So if you have a question, don’t be afraid to “Ask Riot,” because you just might get it answered, even if that answer is a bit unusual.

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