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Is Lack Of New Content Killing Overwatch?

Ok, we know the irony of this question given what was revealed today, and we will get to that, but bare with us for a second, you’ll understand why this is being asked. So, Overwatch has been out for over a year now. And the game has done a lot of great things. It has sold millions of copies, earned Game of the Year awards (and other awards) and has captivated a lot of players to this day. However, some of the practices with the game from Blizzard has confused many players.

Take for example user Blade, who has been playing Overwatch faithfully since Season 02 arrived. Yet with the game now far removed from that, he’s finding it hard to keep playing. One of the main reasons is that the lack of new content isn’t keeping the game fresh, and some of the other modes just aren’t fun, or even fair:

“Pro matches are always just mirror matches of each other, and there are many balancing issues that need to be addressed. A new hero is added only once every 4 months.”

He is right on that last part, only a few heroes have been added to Overwatch since release last year. And though the newest one, Doomfist, was revealed today, he’s only on the PTR right now, he’s not in the full game yet.

Overwatch Doomfist

This question is also poignant when you consider that the maps of the game have also been scarcely embellished. Only 3 new maps have been added since the games release. That’s not a lot, especially compared to some games who through in 3-4 maps with EVERY DLC pack or update.

Now, that’s not to say Blizzard doesn do anything for Overwatch. They’ve had seasonal content, special mini-events, and even a flashback event to the first days of Overwatch. But those are all brief, while the rest of the content is constant, and becoming stagnant.

What do you think? Should Overwatch be getting more content? Should Blizzard try to add a lot more to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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