Koihime Enbu Now Available On Steam

Koihime Enbu

Koihime Enbu, a 2D anime fighting game inspired by ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, may now be purchased on Steam. Koihime Enbu is published by Degica, and was originally an arcade game. It features 13 all-female characters, each with their own unique moveset. Each character has three special moves, one Ougi, and one Hiougi. These moves expend one, three, and four tactics bars, respectively, on use. Tactics bars work in the same way as special move gauges in other fighting games, such as the Super Gauge in Street Fighter. While each character only has five moves exclusive to them, the moves may be altered by combining various keys/buttons to achieve different effects, such as modifying the range of the attack.

Koihime Enbu is easy to learn, and a great starting point for anyone that wishes to get into fighting games. It focuses on the basics found in any fighting game, such as footsies and pokes, without the complicated mechanics present in recent releases in the fighting game genre. Even veterans of the genre can polish their skills by playing Koihime Enbu. Watch the official trailer to witness some gameplay, and learn of other features that can be expected:

For those that are interested, Koihime Enbu may be purchased for 15% off for a total of $33.99 on Steam until May 26th.

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