Kingdom Rush Frontiers Available On Steam

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by Adi

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a fantasy action game where you use your strategic abilities to command your troops to defend exotic lands from enemies such as dragons, man-eating plants, and other terrifying creatures from the underworld with turrets, heroes, and similar defensive factors.


Even though the game is officially out now, it is still going to receive a lot of updates such as new levels and Heroes during the next months, which will keep players interested. For now, there is a decent-sized pool of Heroes that have their own abilities. It’s up to you which playstyle you prefer and which Hero you’re going to defend with.

The most intriguing key features are:

  • 8 new tower upgrades that have 18 unique tower abilities! (Crossbow Forts, Earthquake Machines, and so on)
  • 40+ different types of enemies such as trolls, orcs, and other dangerous opponents.
  • 9 Heroes that you can choose to defend with.
  • Epic boss fights!
  • 3 game modes(Classic, Iron, Heroic)
  • 3 difficulty modes – If you feel dominant you can always try playing on Hard mode
  • In-game encyclopedia so you can study about your enemy and learn to counter their abilities.

I recommend Kingdom Rush Frontiers to anyone that wants to sidetrack from a different and more action-packed game. If you seek to find out more about Kingdom Rush Frontiers, visit their official Steam link here.


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