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Kingdom of Loot Newsletter Update

Developers are able to connect with gamers like never before via the power of the internet, message boards, and of course, social media. Many will use these to their fullest potential to ensure that every detail is revealed, any question is answered, and any reveal is shown in full. The team behind the 2D RPG Kingdom Of Loot goes to Steam to update their players. In the latest “Sunday Secrets” they revealed the progress they’ve made towards long-time goals as well as what’s coming up.

First off, the team is working hard on finally bringing Kingdom of Loot to the Mac and Linux. They acknowledge that they’re 8 weeks behind and promise that they’re going to try and get it out soon, potentially by next week.

As for additions, the team noted that last week they actually added not only NPC dialogue to the game but also a basic quest to enhance what you can do in the game.

They’ve admitted, though, that the biggest goal for them is to complete their desire to have a new map released for Kingdom of Loot every month. This month will be the Sunken Sanctuary, and they’re working very hard to get it done. Apparently, they have everything made and placed, they’re just refining the map itself and making sure everything is holding up before release.

Going forward, once the Sunken Sanctuary map is released, they’ll be working on bringing the Cleric class to the game, which right now is a popular fan question. They are working on the Cleric now, but as stated above, the Sunken Sanctuary is their current goal.

Kingdom of Loot is an MMORPG that has you in a world reminiscent of the 16-bit games of old where you’ll travel the land and get loot, make friends, enemies, and have fun. The game is currently on Steam Early Access.

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