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Kingdom Hearts III Gets New Gameplay Demo

Kingdom Hearts III is by and large one of the most anticipated games in video game history. Not the least of which is because we didn’t know if we would actually get it. As the years ticked on from the release of Kingdom Hearts II, fans became disheartened, thinking that it would never arrive. Then, in 2013 the game was officially revealed to be happening! But then the years passed and no new information was given. Or if it was, it was sparingly. But today at D23, a new trailer was shown off, and it was glorious.

As you can tell from the still image of the trailer below, we’re going to the world of Toy Story, which is the first ever Pixar world to join Kingdom Hearts. Rumors of Pixar worlds in the series have been circulating for some time. From Toy Story to The Incredibles, fans wanted them in there, but it was unclear whether it would happen. Well, now we know it will. And if past history is anything to go by, the original voices of Woody, Buzz, Hamm, Rex, and more will join the game’s already talented voice cast.

But the trailer was much more than just showing off the Toy Story World, but it also showed off more of the gameplay. Astute viewers will note that both Woody and Buzz Lightyear join Sora, Goofy, and Donald on the battlefield, which seemingly confirms that the 3-person party limit is now shattered.

What was also on display was the sheer power that Sora now wields. He has numerous abilities that will help change the course of the battlefiel, including teaming up with teammates to deliver even more devastating attacks. Oh, and he can hop inside a toy mech suit.

But no doubt the biggest reveal is that Kingdom Hearts III is coming in 2018. When exactly is not sure, but hey, it’s a start right?

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