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Sandbox Horror Game Dead Matter Already Funded On Kickstarter

Many Kickstarters, regardless of their type, have certain goals or desires beyond reaching their funding. For many, the desire to stand out is what makes their project unique. Or, it’s to fulfil a desire of the people that hasn’t been met. For the video game Dead Matter, they want to “quench the community’s thirst for a title that properly balances survival mechanics with fulfilling gameplay.” A bold claim, but one that is clearly working, as the games Kickstarter has only been active a few days and they’ve already been funded.

Dead Matter is a sandbox horror game that has many possibilities, making it a rogue-like of sorts. For example, if you prefer a very defensive strategy in regards to surviving the zombie hordes, then the game will compensate for that. If you’re a bloodthirsty maniac who wants to just gut everything they see, you can do that too. Just remember, you have to survive like a regular human. You need food, you need shelter, and you need to defend yourself.

The game was originally a mod for Crysis 2, but then the team decided to go even bigger with it, and thus Dead Matter came to be. The team is very passionate about this, and promise to work very hard to make this the absolute best it can be.

Like most sandbox titles, you can either play the whole thing alone, or play with friends, or play with random people online, it’s entirely your choice, and your choice will affect how the game plays. That includes customization of you, your space, your weapons, and more. You can take weapons at their “face value” or craft them into something more deadly, more insane, more brutal, or whatever else you can think of.

The project will be live on Kickstarter until August 16th.


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