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Kayn is Live in League of Legends 7.14

The Shadow Reaper makes his debut today, as Riot released patch 7.14 live onto League of Legends servers. For the low low price of 7800 IP or 975 RP, Kayn can be yours to terrorize your opponents on the Rift. But of course, that’s not all that comes to the MOBA with 7.14

League of Legends 7.14

Any time the development teams at Riot release a new champion, it’s top news. And Kayn is certainly no exception, featuring two completely new and unique mechanics in his kit. Not only can he basically switch roles in the middle of a match, but he can actually walk through walls and exceed the boundaries of the map in order to surprise his opponents from unexpected angles. Be sure to check him out, even if it’s just to know what to expect when you play against him.

Plenty of other champions have received changes as well in 7.14. In terms of relevant meta champions, Caitlyn’s attack speed is slightly curtailed. Fiora’s movement speed has been toned down to make it riskier for her to go in for an attack. Some other champions have been buffed up a bit, and might make their way back into competitive matches. Diana has received buffs across the board, after flying as low as a %0.86 popularity in 7.13. She now has reduced cooldown on her Q, and reduced mana cost on her W. And while her passive now only increases attack speed for three attacks after she uses an ability, her E increases the amount, even to as much as 90%.

There are also plenty of updates to Singed, and changes to Garen, Ivern, Rammus, Cho’Gath, Taric, and Yorick. If you play any of them, be sure to check out the patch notes before heading out in 7.14.

As usual, there are also some item changes, including the introduction of the Bramble Vest and Poacher’s Dirk. Check out the patch notes for full details, and watch out for Kayn!

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