Despite its ups and downs, 2016 was actually a very good year for gaming. Between the consoles, handhelds, mobile gaming market, PC market, sites like Steam, and the innumerous number of indie games, there was a lot to play. Not surprisingly, many games came from Japan. So, 4Gamer asked over 140 Japanese developers to pick what they thought was the most impressive 2016 titles. The results are a bit surprising.

Not surprisingly, there was a wide casting of votes, with games of all shapes, sizes, and platforms getting chosen. However, a few interesting threads were revealed by these picks. Here are the top eleven games that were chosen, and the votes they got.
1. Persona 5 (PS4/PS3): 21
2. Pokémon GO (Android/iOS): 20
3. Final Fantasy XV (PS4/Xbox One): 17
4. The Last Guardian (PS4): 8
5. Inside (PS4/Xbox One/PC): 7
6. Overwatch (PC/PS4/Xbox One): 5
7. Summer Lesson (PS4): 4
8.Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (PS4): 3
9. Dragon Quest Builders (PS4/PS3/PSVita): 3
10. Shadowverse (iOS/Android): 3
11. Pokémon Sun & Moon (3DS): 3

Below these were many other games, numerous ones only got one vote. So what can we take away from this? Well, a lot of devs loved Persona 5 and Pokemon GO. This is especially interesting when you consider that Pokemon Sun & Moon only got 3 votes, compared to Pokemon GO’s 20. So why the huge gap? It’s hard to say, that’s why it’s so surprising. Because in theory, Sun & Moon should’ve been just as high, if not higher, as it was a more “pure” Pokemon game. Yet, maybe the craze of Pokemon GO, or its ability to use the real world to take players outside their comfort zone was the difference. Only they know.

It’s also interesting to see it above Final Fantasy XV, which was a HUGE game in 2016. You can check the full list via the link below. Let us know what YOU thought was the most impressive game of 2016 as well!


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