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Ivern Is League of Legends’ Friendliest Jungler!

Ivern the Green Father is Leauge of Legends’ newest champion, and he’s the friendliest jungler we’ve seen so far!


The unique feature of Ivan is his ability to take jungle camps without having to kill them. As he is a lover of nature and all the things that live in nature, Ivern makes these groves on jungle camps, and once they mature, you click on them to free the camp while also getting gold and experience. You can also smite a camp with a grove on it to instantly get the gold and the experience while the monsters run off somewhere.


His Q is a skill shot gap closer that can also be used by your allies. His ultimate is something akin to Annie’s Tibbers, but on steroids. Triggerseed is his E, and it’s a shield that explodes after a certain period of time, slowing everyone around him and doing damage. But why am I giving such brief descriptions of his other abilities, when I wrote a much longer explanation for his passive? That’s because Ivern has another unique ability, his W, Brushmaker.


Yes, this champion can create bushes wherever he damn pleases, making for some really interesting matches. The bushes disappear after a while, but being able to put brushes in the middle of a lane is something that could make for some spectacular and chaotic combos.

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