The Issue With Obtaining Overwatch Skins Through HotS

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by Ham

As many Blizzard fans will be aware, Overwatch players can head over to fellow Blizz franchise Heroes of the Storm to obtain rare skins, using methods such as Nexus Challenge 2.0 to take rare outfits back into Overwatch.

It’s nice to see crossovers between franchises flying under the same flag, yet there seems to be a cloud of negativity lurking over this instance in particular. As pointed out on Reddit by Bad_Neighbour, many threads are appearing with complaints about Overwatch players throwing games in Heroes of the Storm, simply to obtain their desired skins. Since you aren’t required to actually win the game in the Nexus Challenge 2.0 quests, players are simply opting to throw games instead of participating in the normal manner.

Overwatch HOTS skins

The Reddit post continues to suggest that Blizzard should take these skins away for those who are found guilty of throwing games, or at least see the Overwatch community acknowledge the behavior and condemn it in the same fashion as the HoTS one has. As for how Blizzard would actually police this, it could prove to be a difficult task.

After all, crossovers like this are bound to invite a new audience to the game, so there’s going to be players that are struggling at first, which on the surface can understandably appear as if they are indeed throwing the game.

Should Blizzard crack down on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I don’t see this as the problem at all–I just hate the fact that I have to play a damn MOBA in order to get content for a game I actually LIKE.

    JGravitas on May 4 | Reply

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