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Is WWE 2K18 Coming To Nintendo Switch?

The WWE is one of the biggest sports events around, even if they don’t get the respects of many other brands. Their superstars are known all over the world, their shows sell out constantly, and their PPV’s (pay-per-views) always sell. Plus, the last few years have brought out the very best of their video game line too. The WWE 2K series took a while to get truly started, but it soon found out how to be the greatest wrestling games ever made. The arrival of WWE 2K18 was recently announced, but, what platforms will it be on?


Now, the official word via statements and the trailer is that the game will only be on Xbox One and PS4. However, a Reddit user has gotten intel that the game may be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well. User oconnomiyaki got in touch with Mighty Ape, a local retailer to him, and they said that the game was indeed coming to Switch, even giving him a link to the item.

It gets more interesting, as EB Games also had the link to the Switch version of WWE 2K18, but now that link doesn’t work. And as for Mighty Ape, their link only shows it not being available instead of showing the item. Furthermore, they told him definitively that the game was coming to Switch (after doing some research) but then, later on, they were told to take down any info about the game coming to Switch. So, what’s going on here?

It’s indeed possible that the game is being made for Switch, but that WWE and 2K want to keep it a secret until they can show it off. Or, it could just be a mistake and they’re trying to contain the situation, it’s very hard to say at this point.

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