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Is Blizzard Dragging Their Feet In Banning Diablo III Players?

The fact of the matter is that in video games there are cheaters, especially when it comes to online titles that have more options that allow them to cheat. PC games have this problem more than others, as a PC is more lax with certain mods and securities that allow players to make programs or codes that can help them succeed and others fail. It’s the developer’s job to fight this and keep things fair. However, some Diablo III players think that Blizzard is failing in this duty.

Diablo III has had very mixed reactions from those who have played it from the start, but many did keep playing because they liked the game on some level. But, the cheaters in the game seem to be getting away with a lot, including in areas that should have the most strict guidelines and punishments if rules are broken. user Ouroboros spelled out just how bad the latest season of Diablo III content got:

“This season was the highest boted season yet with players reaching up to 3500 paragon and it makes me wonder if this will continue even after Necromancer comes.”

“Bots” are programs that are made to do things the player can do, but without the requirement of the players presence at the computer. Meaning, they can start up the game, start their bot, leave, and the bot will do everything they want. This is cheating in many games, including Diablo III, yet, Blizzard hasn’t done bans for it in a long time.

Diablo III Season 10

According to Ouroboros and other players, Blizzard doesn’t care about the Leaderboard aspect of the game anymore, and thus have no interest in banning players for bots. Yet, it’s a clear violation of the rules to use bots, so why isn’t Blizzard banning them?

“They have the choice of whether or not to ban, and more often than not, they decide not to.” laments player Darkness.

This lack of caring is causing a lot of Diablo III players to wonder if they should stick around for it anymore.

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