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Kickstarter always has some interesting games to offer, and today we will be taking a look at a rather dark turn-based tactical RPG called The Iron Oath. Wouldn’t you want to run a guild full of adventurers thirsty for exploration and battle? Well, this game lets you do just that in a world that changes constantly, which makes every playthrough unique and interesting. The Iron Oath definitely looks old school, with amazing pixel graphics, which will definitely remind you of older RPGs of this kind.

The Iron Oath

The combination of these graphics and the hex-based tactical turn-based combat really makes for an interesting blend, and the game offers lots of dangerous foes, deadly traps, and other things that could spell doom for your party if you aren’t careful. The world of The Iron Oath has 9 regions and over 50 hubs for you to explore. The cities in the game can be destroyed and rebuilt, and factions will appear and disappear accordingly.

The Iron Oath

Of course, another important part of the game is the management of your Guild. You have to take care of your finances, alliances, and your roster, as your characters can age, and they will die quite a lot, so replacements have to be ready to take their place as soon as possible. All of these characters will possess their own backstory, and their traits, motives, and alignment can change as they develop through your playthrough. The Iron Oath also makes all of your choices important, as they will affect the world around you, in good or in bad ways.

At the time of this post, The Iron Oath has raised about $6,000, and it needs about $39, 000 to get fully funded, so be sure to back this old school tactical RPG if you can!

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