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The Invasion of Azeroth In Legion Beta

For all you out there who don’t know what to do in World of Warcraft until Legion starts, we have some good news. The Legion’s invasion already started in the official Legion Beta and its goal is to take down Azeroth. Will you let this go unnoticed and unpunished? We certainly will not!

better_spaceshipMany portals across the land were opened and are letting in furious monsters that threaten all of us. So in order to stop them, you need to face them and take their lives. To do so, we will give you precise locations, where you will find these portals. The current number of portals is six, but you never know, if there will be more. world-of-warcraft-legion_invasion-pre-expansion-event_alpha_named-npc-demon-infernal-560x315

Three portals are in Kalimdor; the first is in Azshara, the second is in Tanaris and the third is in Northern Barrens.

Other three are in Easter Kingdoms; Hillsbrad, Westfall, and Dun Morogh.

As you kill the enemy in these locations you will receive Nethershards that will be used as a new type of currency and will help you in the upcoming expansion. So gear up and go to battle! You need to be ready for the storm that awaits all of us. Additionally, you will have at your disposal some nasty battle vehicles. Let’s show these foul beast what means to be in hell!

Have in mind that this is still in Beta and some things might get changed or reworked, but for now let us enjoy the battlefield.

Written by Alastor

Alastor is a passionate journalist and hellishly good gamer. He is dedicated writer and will always stay true when writing about games. Feared by many developers due to his loud and detailed reviews that might not be all nice and polite. He will tell you what it is and how it is. So, if he says you should try this game, you be sure to do so, because it will probably be really good.

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