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Insidia Gets Showcases New Champion Shiryo

For some games, the crux is that you can play as or control very unique characters in order to great your own strategy. And thus, the game will need to continually add characters to fulfill the desire to give variety to all of its players. For the strategy game Insidia, which is currently on Steam Early Access, they’re trying to do just that. And in fact, they have gone into greater detail about one of their champions that’s available now to play, the one known as Shiryo.

As defined in a special video made for him, Shiryo is a “mystic swordsman, an Ascendant Warrior from the Hidden Havens, can play spectral dirges to empower his attacks with the essence of his ancestors.”

They mean that last part quite literally. His three special abilities all center around summoning spirits to give him greater power and strikes. For example, he can imbue his blade with a spirit to strike. Or, use the energy of the spirit to teleport behind an enemy and then strike them.

If used correctly, Shiryo can be a very powerful character to use, especially if you’re able to summon multiple spirits to your side to do many different attacks.

Never heard of Insidia? Well as we noted earlier, it’s a game that’s on Steam Early Access right now. More specifically, it’s a strategy game unlike any other, as you’ll have to come up with strategies on the fly as you and your opponent will plan out and fulfill your strategies at the same time via “simultaneous turns”.


While controlling four champions you’ll have to use their abilities wisely, including bringing them together for wicked combo attacks. ¬†Battles will last less than 15 minutes, think you can handle that? If so, head over to the Steam page for the game and try it out.

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