Indie-Developed Exploration Game Fe Gets New Gamescom Trailer

Gamescom, the video game convention in Cologne, Germany, has officially started. Just before that, however, a trailer was posted on the Electronic Arts Youtube page for the exploration-focused game Fe. You can check out the trailer in its entirety right here.

Fe is being developed by indie devloping studio Zoink and published by EA. It is described by Zoink as a “personal narrative about our relationships with nature, the land, and its beings.” The idea is a rather unique one wrapped in the dark polygonal art style Zoink has chosen for their game.

The trailer’s description tells us that Fe’s game world will be filled with “secrets, side quests, and mystical creatures.” From what we can tell, the takes place entirely in the Forest of Life, of which the player must become a part of its ecosystem and restore balance. The player character can reach this goal by literally harmonizing with other creatures and completing puzzles.

Fe Gamescom Trailer Screenshot

Fe is part of the EA Originals program. EA Originals strives to get games from smaller developers “into the hands of players.” It helps fund, publish, market, and distribute indie games to the game-playing public. The concept started with 2016’s Unravel and has really flourished with this new title.

Fe will be available early next year for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Origin. If you are interested in getting more information about Fe, be sure to check out the official website for the game. While you won’t see much more than a trailer there currently, as the game approaches release, more information will likely pop up.

What do you think about the new Fe trailer and the game overall? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. And be sure to check back for more Gamescom news as the convention heats up.

Written by Ashley Kemp

Ashley was introduced to the world of video games by her Nerd-Family. A lover of all things RPG and MMO, she’s a self-proclaimed alt-oholic and is constantly dreaming up new characters and the background stories for them. She’s obsessed with the High Fantasy genre and thus plays a lot of the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and Witcher series.

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