2nd Voting Gauntlet Underway in Fire Emblem: Heroes

The second Voting Gauntlet is underway in Fire Emblem: Heroes! The theme of this Voting Gauntlet is Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights, and features Hinoka, Camilla, Cordelia, Cherche, Palla,...

The second Voting Gauntlet is underway in Fire Emblem: Heroes! The theme of this Voting Gauntlet is Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights, and features Hinoka, Camilla, Cordelia, Cherche, Palla, Minerva, Subaki, and Beruka. The bracket is pictured below:

Image: Voting Gauntlet 2 Bracket from Fire Emblem: Heroes

For anyone that missed the first Voting Gauntlet, the event is essentially a popularity contest among eight characters. By supporting a character and winning battles in their honor, players will contribute towards their chosen candidate’s votes. The Hero with more votes in each match-up at the end of every round will continue on in the tournament. Unfortunately, that does mean Heroes with fewer votes are eliminated, but players are able to shift their support to other characters (if their previously chosen candidate lost). There is a total of three rounds, with each round lasting 45 hours. A table detailing the times for each round is provided below for your convenience, but keep in mind that those times are in EST.

Image: Round times and dates for the Voting Gauntlet 2 in Fire Emblem: Heroes

Battles performed in the Voting Gauntlet are 3 vs. 3. The three characters that players receive command over are as follows: 1) the leader (the left-most unit) of the player’s active team, 2) the leader of a friend’s active team, and 3) a random Hero of a player that supports the same character.

Winning battles allow players to cast a number of votes depending on how many Battle Flags they choose to consume. Battle Flags are obtained through special Voting Gauntlet quests (which reset every round) and daily log-ins.

Image: Voting and using Battle Flags in the second Voting Gauntlet of Fire Emblem: Heroes

Players will also receive more votes depending on their number of friends (up to a maximum of ten friends) and if their leader is the Hero they’re supporting.

There’re three categories of rewards: 1) Army Victory Rewards, 2) Rank in Army Rewards, and 3) Total Rank Rewards. The Army Victory Reward consists of 500 feathers and is distributed to each player who was supporting a Hero that won a round. Rank in Army Rewards depends on players’ rankings among other players supporting the same Hero. The higher a player’s ranking, the more feathers they will receive at the end of each round. The final round will reward a greater number of feathers than rounds one and two. The breakdown of ranks and feathers can be seen below:

Image: Rank in Army Rewards for Voting Gauntlet 2 in Fire Emblem: Heroes

Similarly, the Total Rank Rewards are based on players’ total ranks across all three rounds:

Image: Total Rank Rewards for the second Voting Gauntlet in Fire Emblem: Heroes

Lastly, in order to incentivize players to vote often, all players will receive 20 Orbs, 5 of each Great Badge, and 5,000 Universal Crystals if the overall voting score reaches at least 10 billion.

There’s no time to waste, your favorite Hero needs your support! Good luck, and may Camilla win!

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