The final DLC for Hyrule Warriors Legends has been confirmed. This action hack and slash title by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo has finally reached its final DLC package. This DLC will include Toon Zelda, Yuga from Legend Of Zelda: Link Between Worlds, and and Ravio from the same title.

Hyrule Warriors LegendsThis cast has only become more expansive since the launch of the game. This is one of the largest playable rosters in a Nintendo game. With three different types of Link and apparently three different Zelda’s as well, this game is stacking up on the clones. It’s an impressive line of work here.

The referenced source article at the bottom discusses the originality and creativity behind each added character. That’s become more and more noticeable with each addition. From characters like Agitha and Girahim to the likes of Marin and Medli, this game has made it clear that anyone can be thrown in the fray.

While these DLC leaks haven’t been confirmed, they appear to be pretty legitimate. Again, this is the final DLC pack for this game.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is the Nintendo 3DS port of the original Wii U title, in which the Legend Of Zelda universe is placed in a Warriors style combat system. It is currently available on Nintendo 3DS. The rumored DLC is set to launch later this year.



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